NEO Investimentos does not sell or distribute mutual fund shares or any other financial asset. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. NEO Investimentos is the trade name of NEO Gestão de Recursos Ltda.

Read the prospectus and bylaws before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The returns disclosed are gross of taxes. Mutual funds are not guaranteed by the fund administrator, the portfolio manager, any insurance mechanism, or the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC). Some mutual funds have been constituted less than twelve (12) months ago. To evaluate an investment fund‘s performance, we recommend an analysis of at least twelve (12) months .

Mutual funds that use derivative strategies as part of their investment policy may subject the investor to significant losses, potentially exceeding the invested capital, and consequently obliging the investor to deposit additional resources to cover the fund’s losses.

Equity funds may be exposed to significant concentration of assets derived from few issuers, with the consequent risks associated to this.

Some funds are authorized to make investments in financial assets abroad .

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