Who we are

Founded in August 2003 by a group of experienced professionals with a proven track record in asset management, NEO Investimentos is an independent asset management firm which, since inception, has been recognized for its differentiated products, offering consistent returns and a transparent approach to both asset allocation and risk exposure.

Through our offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, NEO Investimentos’ team is capable of combining the agility of an independent asset management company with the structure of a major asset management firm; vital qualities for todays demanding investors.

NEO Investimentos believes in building enduring and transparent relationships with its clients, partners and all of those who make NEOs day-to-day a possibility. NEO seeks and believes in always doing the best for you and your investments.

Our Structure

Contact US

SP - (55 11) 2164-1100
RJ - (55 21) 2522-6024
E-mail: neo@neoinvestimentos.com.br